Well there is one thing I can tell you about spray paint and kids ages 10-12. Most kids just can't spray paint smoothly. But they are ever so willing to give it a try. Spray painting does require a certain amount of coordination, without which you can easily get a little too much here and not enough there. But it's like a lot of other things; it just takes practice to do a good job no matter what your age. They did a pretty decent job of painting the wall boards and we also painted the posts for the veils and the base for the walls which we had already glued to the plywood board. I did go back and put another coat or two on these pieces to smooth out the coverage.

My experience with gold metallic paint tells me that Dutch Boy brand (K-Mart) appears to have the best look and the best luster among those I have tried. However, one problem with metallic spray paint; the more you handle it, the worse it looks. That luster just goes away quickly when handled. In fact, I sprayed one final coat on the walls just before we put them in place permanently.
Gold metallic paint dries fast.We inserted strips of cardboard in the lengthwise grooves
of the base. This was to keep the grooves unpainted. Wood
glue adheres to bare wood better than painted wood. Paint
on the plywood is no problem since it will be covered with
sand. You can also see lines drawn on the plywood showing
the location of the courtyard fence.

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